September In Review

Well, September was a great month!  If nothing else went well, at least I started my book blog!  In doing so, I have been checking out a lot of other book blogs and have seen several people do a “month in review” deal at the end of each month.  I like the idea because, as a lover of statistics, it recaps the books I’ve read and puts everything in perspective.

September Books Read

As far as reading months go, this one was kind of a let down.  City of Glass was good.  I have enjoyed the entire Mortal Instruments series so far.  Plus the movie came out, which was fun!  The Misremembered Man & The Disenchanted Widow made lackluster showings.  I feel like I spent a lot of time reading books I wasn’t impressed by.  Oh well.  I’ll be headed to the beach soon, so hopefully a week by the sea will improve both my mood and book selections!  😉


Books Read This Month:  3
Pages Read This Month: 1,235
Books Read This Year:  35
Pages Read This Year:  9,868

Please tell me what you think!

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