The Scribe: Irin Chronicles Book One

The ScribeTitle:  The Scribe
Author:   Elizabeth Hunter
Genre:  Urban Fantasy & Dare I say…Romance

Publisher:  Self Published by E. Hunter
Release Date:  October 15, 2013
Format:  E-book
Acquired:  Purchased from Amazon
Pages:  306

Read Dates:  Oct. 23-29, 2013
4 Stars

Goodreads Description
Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within.

Ava Matheson came to Istanbul looking for answers, but others came looking for her. A reckless warrior guards her steps, but will Malachi’s own past blind him to the truth of who Ava might be? While ancient forces gather around them, both Ava and Malachi search for answers.

Whispering voices. Deadly touch. Their passion should be impossible… or it could be the only thing that will keep them alive.

Ava has grown up thinking she is crazy.  She has heard voices in a different language her entire life and has been treated by multiple shrinks with little to no success.  She has grown up with almost no physical or emotional connection to anyone which has made her withdrawn and a bit snarky.  Let’s just say she is not really a people person.  She is drawn to Istanbul by the promise of a therapist who may be able to help her with the voices.

Ava is a photojournalist who travels the world and comes from a wealthy family.  She has become accustomed to her stepfather hiring “security” to keep tabs on her.  When Malachi shows up immediately following Ava’s run in with a guy in an alley, Ava assumes he is said “security” and gives him a really hard time about it.  Malachi, who is far from hired security, is a bit taken back by her challenging demeanor, but rolls with the assumed identity.  He knows the guy Ava’s just had the altercation with was targeting her and he aims to find out why.  Thus begins Ava’s adventure of unlocking her true identity and fining the love of her life.

My Review

What’s up with all the angels?!?!  It seems everywhere I turn there is another book about angels and fallen angels and on and on.  Can I just say, this subject matter makes me a tad uncomfortable?  Because of this, I’ve avoided most of these books, but I trust Elizabeth Hunter because I’ve read most of her books and she’s great.  So I gave this one a shot and it was very well written (as usual).  Hunter is a master of character driven novels.  Her characters draw you in.  You care for them immensely and feel like you know them on a very personal level.  In the beginning of the novel, I did not feel as connected to Ava and Malachi as I have to some of her other characters.  They did grow on me as the story went on, but it was definitely not an instant connection.

I loved that Hunter chose Turkey as the backdrop for her story.  There was a good bit of historical info as well as landmarks that made the novel seem grounded in reality.  You could tell Hunter did her homework for this one.  Hunter is also a great world weaver.  She is able to weave a tapestry of her own folklore with the real world to create a completely believable tale.

I am not a huge fan of “instant love and passion” and Hunter did draw it out a little, but there was a feeling of inevitability right from the start.  That aggravated me a bit.  Also, there seemed to be more sex in this one than some of her other books.  I’m all for a great sex scene, but when you’ve been running from people trying to kill you, I don’t think you’re going to escape and then fall into bed with each other.  It just seems unrealistic to me.  There is a place and a time for such things and it just seemed gratuitous.

Overall, I liked the book.  The adventure aspects were great, Hunter’s folklore was intriguing, the ending was a cliff-hanger and Hunter left me wanting more.  I will definitely read the next in the series.  I have a feeling Hunter has a lot more in store for us with this series.

If you have never read anything by Elizabeth Hunter and are wondering where to start, I’d go with the Elemental Mysteries series.  I rate all of them at 5 stars.

Fave Quotes

“I’m rich enough to be eccentric instead of crazy.”

“Modern humans learn much, but they forget even more.”

“He’s very bright, despite being an idiot.”

COMING NEXT:  The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice


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