Is Geek Chic? Is Nerdy Nouveau?

A funny story about Fantasy…
A couple of years ago I had a conversation with a woman I worked with.  We discovered we were both avid readers and started comparing notes like all readers do.  We talked for about 20 or 30 minutes about books we loved, but I could tell we were both holding something back.  I finally asked if she read Fantasy.  She responded with a resounding, YES!  She was more into Historical Fantasy, while I was more into High and Urban Fantasy.  We laughed about how neither of us wanted to admit we loved Fantasy.

The books that originally drew me into reading had been Horror/Paranormal.  Then as I got older I abandoned this genre and moved on to something more respectable.  During college, as an English major, all I had time to read were the selected reading lists for my classes.  After college I stopped reading all together due to sheer burnout!  When I started reading again, I primarily read Action and Techno-Thrillers.  Then something happened…A friend of mine suggested reading Twilight.  I refused at first because it was a series and would take too much committment.  I finally caved, read them and fell in love with them.  (Don’t laugh…you know you all read them and loved them initially too!)  So after devouring them I went in search for more urban fantasy.

Another funny story about my love affair with Fantasy…
I was standing in Barnes & Noble wondering how in the world I would find more vampire books.  I didn’t even know there was an Urban Fantasy genre at that point in time.  I was too embarrassed to ask where I might find such books, so I just wandered around.  I came upon an end cap that was dedicated to vampire lit, so I headed down that aisle.  I was amazed to find so many books dedicated to vampires and werewolves.  I was reading the backs of books and filling up my basket when all of a sudden…I looked around.  I realized I was smack in the middle of the Fantasy section of Barnes & Noble.  A section my friends and I had made fun of for years.  The geeks and nerds of the book world hung out there…role playing…Manga…dragons…no thank you!  It was quite a wake up call for me.  I was officially a geek!!  Oh, the inhumanity of it all!!!  I gathered my books, put my head down and bolted out of the section as soon as possible!

So why was I so afraid at the time to admit I liked Fantasy?  The same reason other people were…I really didn’t want to be labeled as a “GEEK” or “NERD” because it was such an unsavory title.  Just like I said before, people have made fun of Fantasy for so long, the stigma stuck.  The good news is…Times, they are a changing!

geek_and_proudToday’s culture seems to be breeding a new attitude about being a geek/nerd.  In a sense…geek seems to be the new chic.  This new-found respect not only applies to the geeky Fantasy genre.  It seems to be spilling over into geeky hobbies, films and TV shows as well.  The popularity of gaming, The Hobbit, Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock are just another sure sign that Nerdy is Nouveau.

I personally love that I can now openly love all things geek without being mocked.  I love that being a fangirl no longer carries the stigma it once did.  I no longer have a problem standing in the Fantasy section of Barnes & Noble.  I am not embarrassed to gush over my love for Sherlock!  I do not grow faint at walking into a theater with a group of friends to see The Hobbit!  I embrace my love of gadgets and technology!  I have found my niche!  I have found my people!!!

So…do any of you have any funny stories about discovering you’re a geek or discovering your Fantasy freakiness?  I would love to hear them!!




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