In Defense of “Meh”

I agree with Cheap Thrills on this one!!

Cheap Thrills

Book Riot published a post last week: “Four Bookish Phrases That Could Use Improvement.”

Honestly, I kind of disagree with the whole premise of the article. These are supposedly phrases that don’t do any good and should be stricken from our collective reviewing vocabulary.

The last two – “This novel needed an editor” and “I wanted to like this book, but I didn’t” – I think are perfectly valid statements, if not all that detailed. But most reviewers who use them either follow them up with the reasons why or are purposely keeping their thoughts brief. More description is helpful, sure, but I get the gist.

Continuing backwards, the second phrase on the list – “I didn’t connect with the characters.” The author isn’t so much saying this is sloppy reviewing (although he’s doing that too); instead he seems to be dismissing this as a reason to not…

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