My Rating System

My Rating System

5 Stars:  Wonderful!  Read it now!!

4 Stars:  Good book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3 Stars:  So-So.  “Forgettable”

2 Stars:  I did not enjoy this book.

1 Star:    CRAP!  I usually don’t even finish these.

If I absolutely cannot decide between two ratings, I will throw 1/2 stars in there.  🙂

These ratings are solely my opinion.  Not every book is for every person.  Example:  If you take a look at my “About Me” page, you will see I don’t really do romance novels.  So, if a book has too much *smoochie smoochie* in it, I may rate it lower.  You, however, might flip over the lovey-dovey stuff.  Keep this in mind as you read my reviews.


Please tell me what you think!

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